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Episode 1 Mildred's Balls.
A short story about a crotchety woman is terrorized by her ill gained collection.

Episode 2 Rain
A young woman on a camping date that goes horribly wrong.

Episode 3 Rejuvenation
What or Who would you sacrifice to get what you wanted?
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Episode 4 Baby, It's Cold Outside  
A young woman waits for her man to arrive.

Episode 5 Below
Not everyone enjoys being the center of attention.

Episode 6 The Quietness of the Night by Leslie Branon
The winner of January's 10 minute writing prompt narrates her story about a lover exploring the night.

Episode 7 Olivia's Mirror by Kathy Finfrock
A woman goes searching for her missing friend.

Episode 8 GermWarfare by Eric Grignard.
What crawls on and under your skin? The war wages within

Episode 9 Ice by Rose Blackthorn
A science fiction tale of a cat burglar attracted to an extraordinary gem.

Episode 10 Death With a View.
A simple tale of murder.

Episode 11 Carrion Man by Naching Kassa
Mara's late stop at the bank goes horribly wrong.

Episode 12 Mama's Eyes (A Love Story) by Martin Reaves
Mother and Child face each other in the execution room.

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  1. Hello Kathy. My name is Stephen and I would like to submit a story for your podcast. How do I do that? My email is sleenbc@gmail.com.


KG Finfrock, Author


House of Redemption

Kathy Finfrock

Genres: Thriller, Horror

Eight unscrupulous guests have have been invited to the centuries old Blackstone Resorts. Each patron has his or her own reason for needing an escape from unpleasant circumstances. Tensions mount quickly as, one-by-one, they come to face their worse nightmare. Will they repent their evil ways or remain in Blackstone for the rest of their lives?
  Amazon Kindle  99 cents    Amazon Paperback $9.99

bubble off plumb cover
 Reviewed by Patricia Reding for Readers' Favorite 
Sometimes a person has a matter of minutes for reading and wants to be able to experience a full story in that time. Such can be done with the stories set out in Bubble Off Plumb, edited by KG Finfrock, Sarah Kalin, and Dan M. Kalin. This book offers a variety of short stories from a number of authors. As the editors tell it, the idea was to publish a number of non genre specific stories that shared a single thing in common. That thing, quite simply, is that each story is somehow “off-beat.” The result is a publication of over 20 stories, all of which are sure to have satisfied the editors as each is unusual, and all of which are likely to satisfy readers for that same reason. In Bubble Off Plumb, I went on a variety of short adventures. As a consequence of Buzz Dixon’s story entitled, “Barn Raising,” I may never think the same of the friendly Amish tradition of helping another party raise a barn. I might even suspect something a bit more sinister. Likewise, KG Finfrock’s “Good Thoughts” made me consider how retribution might look if it was the sole purpose for imprisoning those who’d engaged in criminal behavior. Then with “The Way it Was” with Jonah, Arthur Weil gave me interesting insight into what it would be like to befriend someone who is accident prone—when the accidents happen to those around that person. These are just a few of the many stories in this anthology. Grab a copy to download and engage yourself the next time you have to sit in a waiting room or stand in a line. The minutes are likely to fly by as you enjoy some good storytelling, while your outlook on some rather ordinary things in life might never be the same thereafter.

The Daily Ten-Minute Writing Prompt (Volume 1)

10minKG Finfrock

Imagine a room with ten people sitting at a table. One sentence is scrawled across a whiteboard hanging on the wall. A large clock is counting down. The people at the table are focused on the paper or whatever writing implement they have chosen. The minutes go by. The scribbling pen picks up speed. Fingers tapping on keyboards are consistent. The ending alarm chimes. Ten fresh storylines are born.This is the Ten-Minute Writing Prompt. One simple statement or a piece of dialog igniting the creative flame for fiction writers. Take ten minutes of your day to stir the embers and keep the muse strong and alive.